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THE V.A.S.I. Angle




Published by the Venice Aviation Society, Inc. (VASI)                 Venice, Florida                October 2003


President’s Message

Dear Colleagues,























Joseph Rand, MD




Mission Control:  The VASI “AIM”

1.        To Promote, support and encourage the continued use of the Venice Municipal Airport as a general aviation facility.

2.        To educate concerned citizens as to the airport’s importance tot eh public welfare.

3.        To provide a forum whereby those concerned with utilization of the facility may voice their concerns.

4.        To advise the appropriate authorities regarding safety, security, utilization and other concerns at the airport.

5.        To provide a forum for the flying public regarding aviation matters.

6.        To support the city, county, state and federal authorities in carrying out their duties regarding aviation and the utilization of the Venice Municipal Airport in disaster, welfare and other public service.


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     Got influence? You bet you do.

     We each have a bit of influence on our own. Some, obviously, have more than others. Each of us has some effect on the behavior of others.

In the aviation arena, we can multiply that influence by joining organizations. AOPA, with about 400,000 members speaks louder, and carries a bigger stick than the individual pilot. Likewise EAA, and the other so called alphabet groups.

At the local level, VASI multiplies your voice.

I am cutting and pasting here a blurb from the Florida Airport Managers Association web page,

          Theodore Roosevelt said it well many years ago: "Every man owes a part of his time and money to the business or industry in which he is engaged. No man has the moral right to withhold his support from an organization that is striving to improve conditions within his sphere." The more you put into VASI, the more benefits you get from it.

     Take an active role in VASI, Even if it is no more than influencing one more person to join.

The October VASI meeting is an indication of just how much influence our organization has attained since its inception. We have the candidates for city council seats come and give us their pitch. We are able to grill them on their position as it relates to airport matters. Over the years I have been amazed at the ignorance some of the candidates display about aviation matters. Some have expressed the opinion that we all fly “Piper Cubs.” How does a statement like that make you feel about a person charged with ultimate oversight in the operation of your airport?

We have seen some candidates who think that aviation is unchanged in the 50 years since they have been an active pilot. If you flew in “the big war,” good for you. But if you haven’t flown since, don’t try to pawn yourself off as knowing anything about general aviation in the twenty first century.

     We have seen recently, intelligent candidates who recognize a lack of knowledge about aviation, but who are willing and able to learn.

In the beginning, we invited the candidates. Lately, they have seen the VASI meeting as a “must clear” hurdle on the campaign trail. The press is in attendance, and they are taking notes. Voters are in attendance, and they are also taking notes.

Come to the meeting. Bring a new member. Bring questions for the candidates. Speak up, be heard.

     VASI has influence. The influence comes from its membership base. The influence also goes back to the individual member in a forum such as this. Exercise your influence.


Dave Welch

October 4, 2003

Calendar of Events

October 18, Rain Date Oct. 19, Sun.  You have been granted permission to Fly-In to

                                                              Fantasy of Flight for One Day Only! 


October 21 & 22    Sarasota/Bradenton Airport  -  B-17 Flying Fortress


October 24 – 26      Page Field Airport,   Fort Myers  -  B-17 Flying Fortress


October 28 & 19     Naples Municipal Airport,  Naples  -  B-17 Flying Fortress

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     Sun ‘n Fun Fly-in officials have announced an exciting line-up of seminars and fly-ins this fall and winter designed to appeal to aviation enthusiasts of all ages.  In addition to its international Fly-In set for April 13-19, 2004, Sun ‘n Fun will offer an expanding menu of year-round fly-ins, educational programs and other activities through the Florida Air Museum.

     “Our mission is to share the aviation experience with people of all ages through education, information and inspiration,” said Sun ‘n Fun Vice President and Museum Director Greg Harbaugh, “But that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun, too!  We have something for everyone.”     

             Harbaugh identified several major Sun ‘n Fun activities taking place over the next several months, including:

Sport Pilot Forum and Fly-In (October 17, 2003).  Hosted by Sun ‘n Fun and EAA Chapter 454 of Lakeland, this event provides an opportunity for interested sport pilots and vendors to learn more about the new light sport aircraft rules and regulations recently approved for this new segments of the aviation community.  FAA program supervisor Sue Gardner will be the featured speaker.  Anyone interested in displaying products or services for this new aviation area are welcome at no cost.  Activities include a pancake breakfast and hot dog lunch.

            Wings ‘n Things (November 7-9), presented by the Florida Air Museum at Sun ‘n Fun, showcases the dynamic world of aviation and other modes of transportation.  The event is open to aviation enthusiasts, the general public and scout troops from across the state of Florida.  Wings ‘n Things features exhibits, displays and hands-on aviation activities for enthusiasts of all ages.  Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts can earn specific merit badges from qualified presenters.  Young Eagle flights (free to first-time flyers aged 8-14 with parental permission); model rocket building; balsa airplane construction; wing rib building; simulator rides; astronomy demonstrations; treasure hunt; helicopter rides (fee) and much more.  There is also a Friday night program featuring a NASA astronaut.  Camping is available (fee).

             Vintage Aircraft Fly-In (December 6). Vintage aircraft owners and pilots from across the country will have the opportunity to showcase their aircraft and exchange information.  Several raffle prizes will be offered.  A pancake breakfast and hot dog lunch will be available.

            Aviation Expressions Lecture Series (October 17, November 14, December 5, January 16, and February 6).  This evening program features nationally and internationally recognized speakers, all of them an expert in their respective aviation – related field.  Speakers share their personal experiences and offer candid insights into aviation history.  November’s guest speaker will be Gen. Robert Cardenas. Gen. Cardenas flew the Boeing B-29 that carried early “X-series” research aircraft aloft for launch (Bell XS-1, X-1, X-1A). A U.S. Air Force pilot, Gen. Cardenas also flew the Northrup YB-49 “Flying Wing.”  Richard Van Grunsven will be the January 16 speaker.  Van Grunsven is the Founder and President of RV aircraft, the most successful experimental category or “homebuilt” aircraft in the world.  October, December and February speakers are to be announced in the near future.

            All events will be held at the Sun ‘n Fun Complex on the southwest corner of Lakeland Linder Regional Airport in Lakeland, Florida, and are open to the public.  Fly-In traffic is welcome and aircraft parking is available.  Camping sites are also available.  The Florida Air Museum at Sun ‘n Fun is open seven days each week (excluding major holidays) and is also available for special events. 

            For more information on these and other Sun ‘n Fun events, call (863) 644-2431 or access Sun ‘n Fun’s website at


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Executive Board



Joseph Rand, MD




Vice President

Nick Carlucci





Buck Settles





Millar Brainard





Nick Piscitelli

Dave Welch




VASI Airport Advisory Board


Bart Bartanowica



The VASI Angle

P.O. Box 1153

Venice, FL 34284


Some of what you missed at our last meeting


Larry Heath updated us on the goings on:  The Business Park is proceeding, the access road heading south on U.S. 41 has been approved and will be started with the work being done now on the widening of 41. Packages for development are being submitted until December.  One hundred eighty applications have been received for the Airport Manager’s position; there is no time frame currently for the hiring.  The manager will answer to the city manager, Marty Black.  The Goal is to resurface Runway 04/22 in 2004.





Walking “Around” City Hall


We are still working on the airport manager selection list. As mentioned in the newspapers we are narrowing down the list to the final candidates. We have candidates from both within Florida as well as other parts of the country. Hopefully we will have some information to report on at the October meeting.


Still nothing definitive on the Airport Business Park. Needless to say developers and major business interests all have their eyes on this prime real estate. From the airport users’ vantage point the Business Park will provide a steady infusion of funds for the airport. As I get news I’ll get it out to the VASI membership.


R. S. “Bart” Bartanowicz






Comments, Complaints, Suggestions & Volunteers



          --IF ANYONE HAS AN IDEA,SUGGESTION, COMPLAINTor WOULD VOLUNTEER A LITTLE TIME, SEND NICK AN E-MAIL OR WRITE IT UP AND SLIP INTO MY HANGER #96 (same hangar building as sheriff's helicopter- north side across from Ray Hoey). Fly Safe see you at the meeting.


 Nick Carlucci.  E-mail  941-408-7777





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               Pass This On to a Friend


            Aviation                                      Fast File

            Society                               Application for Membership



Yearly Dues only $20.00  Please remember to include your check with this application


Please Print Clearly


Name: __________________________________________________________________

                  Last                                 First                                Middle


Name as you want on your name badge _______________________________________


Mailing Address: _________________________________________________________


City, State, Zip: __________________________________________________________


E-mail address: __________________________________________________________


Phone (Home): ________________________ (Work): ___________________________


Occupation, present: __________________________ Former, if retired: _____________


Pilot?  _______ Yes  ________ No  Aircraft, if own, what type? ____________________


My flying is __________ % Pleasure ___________ % Business



_____ SEL       _____ SES    _____ Multi  _____ Multi-sea  _____ Inst

_____ COMM _____ CFI     _____  CFII  _____  ATP         _____ Tail Wheel


Type Ratings ____________________________________________________________


Special Aviation Interests: __________________________________________________



This application is made with the full understanding that the applicant accepts total liability and responsibility for his or her actions during VASI functions, and agrees to hold VASI harmless from any liability arising there from.


Signature: _______________________________________________________________


Date: ________________________

Send your application with your check for $20.00 payable to VASI today!

VASI, c/o M. Brainard – 4432 Rum Bay Circle, Sarasota, FL  34233



P.O. Box 1153

Venice, FL   34284



























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