Dear Fellow Aviators and Friends of VNC:

With Doctor Rand's stepping down as President I am now privileged to serve as his replacement. I do so with a great sense of personal humility and am eager to serve on the VASI Board for the next year. It is only fitting that my first official act should be a public "thank you" to City Council members Rick Tracy and John Moore.  Their presentations and comments at our candidate forum, enabled those in attendance to hear first hand, high quality citizens seeking public office.

    The meeting year began with our Airport Manager briefing us on VNC. A public "thank you" to Fred W. for taking the time to talk to us. His door is always open and if you have information that can assist him in improving VNC then, as they say in the local paper, "Let him have it", and in October we listened to the candidates.  Our 16

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VASI Board

President: Nick Carlucci
Vice President: Buck Settles
Secretary: David Ansley
Treasurer: Paul Hollowell

Directors: Bebe Teichman, Brett Stephens, Nick Piscitelli

Past Pres: Joseph Rand, MD

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November meeting will feature Terry Thierry Pouille from 'Air Journey LLC'.  Terry operates out of West Palm Beach. If you have any Walter Mitty Dreams of exotic trips on your magic carpet, do not miss this meeting. If you want to plant a seed for your traveling companion to ponder, attend this meeting. If you want an informative and entertaining night out, attend this meeting. Bring a friend or bring a pilot who is not a member of VASI.  The third Wednesday of the month is VASI Night. There will be no meeting in December.  January will feature Avionics, February the FAA (FSS we hope).   In March, to honor Nick P., we will have a presentation by the Coast Guard and Winslow Life Raft.  April the Mayor will be our guest and May will be a wings program.


Nick Carlucci

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Sarasota Avionics, Inc.
120 West Airport Avenue, Venice, FL 34285
(941) 360-6877


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A journey of a 1000 miles begins with the first step. Airport improvements are a 1000 mile journey and a first step was taken this past month. The AWOS antenna and its cable were replaced. The gate works with both card and number input IN BOTH DIRECTIONS! The key pads are even lighted for night time use- hip, hip hooray!!  There are planning actions underway that will result in huge physical improvements. Come to the VASI meetings and find out what is going on at VNC.

Thank you,  Nick.

Venice Aviation Society, Inc.
PO Box 1153
Venice, FL 34284

Afterthought: "There are only two things needed to remain aloft in an aircraft--airspeed and money.

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