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Published by the Venice Aviation Society, Inc. (VASI)                 Venice, Florida                October 2003


President’s Message

Dear Colleagues,


 If you are interested in what is happening at Venice Municipal Airport, come to the September 17, 2003 meeting (7:30 PM, Venice City Hall).Larry Heath will tell us about the new hangers, security badges and the search for an airport manager.  He will also tell us about future plans for the airport and will answer questions.


The October meeting will be our annual political forum.  We plan to invite all candidates for the Venice City Council to give them an opportunity to present their views.  We will prepare a list of questions for them to address and give each a separate opportunity to discuss these issues.  The meeting is scheduled for October 15, 2003.  Please plan to attend.  We would like to show our strength in numbers, so bring a friend.


One of my goals for this year is to increase involvement of the members.  I’d like to create committees that address various aspects of VASI.  If you have a talent that you’d like to put to use for VASI, please let someone on the board know.  I’d like to get several volunteers to give just a small amount of time to help VASI achieve our goals.  Many hands make light work.  Later in the year we’ll be having an organizational meeting where we lay out some of our goals and form committees to address them.


Upcoming meetings for 2003:  September 17, October 15 and November 19; and for 2004:  January 21, February 18, March 17, April 21 and May 19.   



Joseph Rand, MD




Mission Control:  The VASI “AIM”

1.        To Promote, support and encourage the continued use of the Venice Municipal Airport  as a general aviation facility.

2.        To educate concerned citizens as to the airport’s importance tot eh public welfare.

3.        To provide a forum whereby those concerned with utilization of the facility may voice their concerns.

4.        To advise the appropriate authorities regarding safety, security, utilization and other concerns at the airport.

5.        To provide a forum for the flying public regarding aviation matters.

6.        To support the city, county, state and federal authorities in carrying out their duties regarding aviation and the utilization of the Venice Municipal Airport in disaster, welfare and other public service.


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                          MY SUMMER VACATION


What vacation? I have been out of school for a long time, and have a long way to go before retirement. This is no vacation.

I did, however, buy another airplane in July. That “brownish” Cessna 170 out on the closed runway is mine. My new wife insisted that we have a larger airplane so that we can carry the two of us, adequate fuel and some baggage. We can also take the grandsons for a ride when they visit. All of this would be on the far side of legal in the Cessna 140.

I have had a 140 for about fifteen years, and got to where I was wearing it like a glove. I thought, and the airplane reacted. I am gradually transferring that rapport to the 170.

By the way, no, I cannot afford two airplanes. If you know of anyone who wants to buy a nice 140, I will pay a referral fee!

I bought the 170 from a man in Safford, Arizona. I flew into Tucson, and the previous owner picked me up for the hour drive east to Safford. It took me 18 hours over three days to get it back home. It was a terrific flight over some awe inspiring and magnificent territory.

Along the way, of course, I made several stops. Have you noticed other airports as you travel? Have you compared them to our own VNC?

I noticed a lot of fresh black asphalt with stark white markings and new signage.

If any of you know me, you know that I tend to shun the larger airports in favor of the smaller.  I did a little research on They give statistics on the based airplanes, and operations per day, as well as the runway conditions. Here is what I found:

 SAD      Safford AZ            29 based                39 operations,  asphalt, in good condition

DMN      Deming, NM         30 based                90 operations,  asphalt, in good condition

PEQ        Pecos, TX              19 based                26 operations,  asphalt, in good condition

E48          Upton, TX             5  based                38 per week,    asphalt, in fair condition

2f0           Iraan, TX               9  based                40 per week,    asphalt, in good condition

E29          Sonora, TX            2  based                27 per week,    asphalt, in good condition

BMQ      Burnet, TX            55 based                66 operations,  asphalt, in good condition

14R         Caldwell, TX         12 based                69 per week,     asphalt, in good condition

4R7         Eunice, LA            22 based                26 operations,  asphalt, in fair condition

JKA        Gulf Shores           50 based                224 operations asphalt, in good condition

And here is what AIRNAV.COM has to say of our own home base of VNC.

We have 230 based aircraft, and 473 operations per day, and the runways are “asphalt, in fair condition, RY 4/22 & RY 13/31 CRACKS THROUGHOUT RYS WITH GRASS ENCROACHMENT.”

When you land at another airport, that airport is the gateway to that city or town. The airport is what greets you; the airport is what you use to form your initial opinion of the town. I wonder what impression we give when the high rollers come to Venice.

At our September VASI meeting (you knew I would get around to this) we have Larry Heath kicking off our new season. As usual, he will bring us up to date on plans for the airport. He will also tell us how the city is handling the nearly 200 applicants for the position of airport manager. Maybe he can tell us how the new manager will be tasked. To me, this is by far the most interesting meeting of the year.

Sorry to say, Pam and I will be flying off to Maine in our new 170, so I will miss the meeting. I will be checking out the condition of several airports along the East Coast.  Somebody take notes for me!                           Dave


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Airport Manager Position


You may heard that there were about 180 applicants for the position of Venice Airport Manager. Well it is true. This is a far cry from the couple of dozen or so applications that people were expecting. A panel will meet on August 27 to go through the applications. The panel will include Larry Heath, the Deputy City Manager and yours truly R. S. "Bart" Bartanowicz to represent the airport users. I will try to keep VASI informed as we go through the process and a timeline is established. Based on my first review of the list, I feel confident that the city will end up with a first class airport manager.


R. S. "Bart" Bartanowicz







Jack Brown’s Seaplane Base


Let me start by saying that my wife is available to consult with any of my fellow pilots wives regarding an appropriate Birthday present or any other occasion.  My birthday/anniversary present was a weekend at Jack Brown’s Seaplane Base in Winter Haven, where I obtained my sea plane rating.  Despite the weather what a great time, I highly recommend it.  Since 1962 Jack Brown has trained more than 14,000 pilots, Jack’s son runs the business now as the FAA designated Examiner, his daughter and wife run the office.  Clay was my instructor.  Training is done in a J-3 cub on floats.  This is the first I have flown a plane with no radios and only 4 gauges and I hope to do it more.  Cruise Altitude was 500ft. jumping from lake to lake, there are quite a few lakes around Winter Haven. The course takes two days and five flying hours.   We covered basic water handling, including idle, plow and step taxi procedures. Next I was shown how to properly execute a normal takeoff and landing from the water. Then we progressed to the more advanced maneuvers including crosswind, rough water and glassy water techniques. also covering maximum performance procedures and emergency operation. We finished up docking and sailing (you'll be surprised how well it sails).  The whole course costs $850.00, the office number is 863-956-2243.  Feel free to ask me any questions about the experience.  






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Executive Board



Joseph Rand, MD




Vice President

Nick Carlucci





Buck Settles





Millar Brainard





Nick Piscitelli

Dave Welch




VASI Airport Advisory Board


Bart Bartanowica



The VASI Angle

P.O. Box 1153

Venice, FL 34284

Nick’s Notes:


       As summer passes and we have our first meeting since May I am reminded that flying is as much ,if not more, a social activity and not just stick & rudder going from point a to point b. I look forward to seeing all of you at our meetings and at VNC. It is so easy to get caught up in the "doom and gloom" side of general aviation that all the great people and events that we all share get lost in  complaints that we voice to each other. Well some great people will get together at our Sep. VASI meeting and it will kick off the great fall flying season. Winter guests and their aircraft will soon fill VNC...hey let's recruit some new members. Each of us needs to find one new member; with all of us working together we can make VASI the voice of VNC. Larry will fill us in on the search for a full time airport manager, the T-Hangar construction, grant money, future improvements, security issues, the industrial park, road repair and all kinds of good stuff .Do plan to attend. Recall that "what I did on my summer vacation" essay from school [I just hated it] well I had the good fortune to visit Marathon MTH and had a grand time. MTH is a fun airport to visit; I recommend you use the Jet center FBO and it's self-serve fuel. Good folks and reasonable prices. When I fly to MTH I hug the coast, use Fort Myers Approach for flight following and just enjoy the experience. Try it in Oct. Here's some odds and ends: you can wash you plane on the east end of the field, taxi past the Cockpit Cafe and after the self-serve fuel you will see on your left the public works area complete with hoses and bucket; check the fuel prices - both self-serve stations are not the same price; when entering and leaving thru the gate please stop and wait for the gate to close behind piggy backing please. Here are some events...FLY-IN at Fantasy of Flight.18 OCT go to for details, an old fashioned superb fly-in Thomasville Ga. Oct 10, 11&12th go to for details; NBAA 56th convention with over 1,000 products/services Orlando Convention center Oct 7, 8, 9, Food -Jumbo lair Estates-First Sunday of every month, near Ocala, huge runway, great food, $25 a person for info call 352-401-1990. Starting in Oct a "Flight of Four Passport" valid for a year may be purchased. This is a ticket to visit four aviation collections for one low price of $44.Fantasy of Flight, Flying Tigers War-bird Restoration Museum [Tom Riley - Kissimmee], Florida Air Museum [Sun & Fun], and Valiant Air Command War-bird Museum. Call 863-984-3500 for more info. Thank you, fly safe, Nick                                                                                                          

                        --IF ANYONE HAS AN IDEA,SUGESTION OR COMPLAINT ABOUT VNC SEND ME AN E-MAIL OR WRITE IT UP AND SLIP INTO MY HANGER #96 (same hangar building as sheriff's helicopter- north side across from Ray Hoey). Fly Safe see you at the meeting.


 Nick Carlucci.  E-mail  941-408-7777






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               Pass This On to a Friend


            Aviation                                      Fast File

            Society                               Application for Membership



Yearly Dues only $20.00  Please remember to include your check with this application


Please Print Clearly


Name: __________________________________________________________________

                  Last                                 First                                Middle


Name as you want on your name badge _______________________________________


Mailing Address: _________________________________________________________


City, State, Zip: __________________________________________________________


E-mail address: __________________________________________________________


Phone (Home): ________________________ (Work): ___________________________


Occupation, present: __________________________ Former, if retired: _____________


Pilot?  _______ Yes  ________ No  Aircraft, if own, what type? ____________________


My flying is __________ % Pleasure ___________ % Business



_____ SEL       _____ SES    _____ Multi  _____ Multi-sea  _____ Inst

_____ COMM _____ CFI     _____  CFII  _____  ATP         _____ Tail Wheel


Type Ratings ____________________________________________________________


Special Aviation Interests: __________________________________________________



This application is made with the full understanding that the applicant accepts total liability and responsibility for his or her actions during VASI functions, and agrees to hold VASI harmless from any liability arising there from.


Signature: _______________________________________________________________


Date: ________________________

Send your application with your check for $20.00 payable to VASI today!

VASI, c/o M. Brainard – 4432 Rum Bay Circle, Sarasota, FL  34233



P.O. Box 1153

Venice, FL   34284



























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