VASI Board

President: Nick Carlucci
Vice President: Buck Settles
Secretary: David Ansley
Treasurer: Paul Hollowell
Directors: Bebe Teichman, Brett Stephens, Nick Piscitelli
Past Pres: Joseph Rand, MD

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"After many years of effort by too many people to mention it looks like Venice Airport may be on the way to accomplishing desperately needed runway refurbishment beginning with runway 13/31.  Many thanks to the Venice City Council for their blessing on the City and Airport moving forward in the FAA grant process for the funds to accomplish this project.  Kudos to the Airport Manager and the City Manager for their efforts and support of this vital work.  We will know it has been done when we see the asphalt and several critical events are yet ahead including the crucial FAA grant.  Importantly though the City of Venice has stepped up to the need and done what needs to be done.    We should also be aware that the Council is mindful of the need to continue the effort for runway 04/22 our noise abatement runway.  Contingent on success with getting runway 13/31 work underway VASI will emphasize 04/22.  Do not forget to thank the above mentioned officials for their support."

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VASI, c/o Paul Hollowell, 417 Mahon Drive, Venice, Fl 34285

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VASI represents the voices of nearly 200 tenants, pilots and supporters of the Venice Airport. Let Venice City Leaders know that you support a well maintained and modern Venice Airport. Thank them for their support.

Venice Aviation Society, Inc.
PO Box 1153
Venice, FL 34284