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The October meeting has typically been "meet the candidates (for Venice City Council)".  This year there are two seats opening. Mr. Gary Anderson is running for Council seat currently held by Mr. Rick Tacy, and Councilmember John Moore is unopposed.  Each candidate will be given the opportunity to speak and to answer questions.  Afterward we will be having elections for the VASI Executive Board.  I will be stepping down as president.

Over the past several years VASI has seen a lot of changes.  There have been three airport managers and the Airport Advisory Board has undergone a metamorphosis.  These are all positive changes.  There have also been some negative changes at the airport most of which are the result of forces outside of Venice.  These include security and access changes, and changes by the Environmental Protection Agency.  Rest assured that VASI has done everything we can to keep reasonableness in the forefront.  To continue that mission requires you.  You need to remain a member and encourage others to join, and you need to voice your opinion.  Voice your opinion by contacting any member of the board such as Nick Carlucci by phone at 716-5704, Paul Hollowell by e-mail at

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VASI Board

President: Joseph Rand, MD
Vice President: Nick Carlucci
Secretary: Buck Settles